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Our goal is simple at Private Tours Turkey:  to ensure that your experience in Turkey is fascinating, fun, and filled with the activities you most enjoy.  Do you dream of visiting Istanbul, the City of Sultans where Europe meets Asia?  Of strolling the magnificent ruins at Ephesus?  Of hot-air-ballooning over the other-worldly fairy chimneys of Cappadocia?  Of cruising the spectacular Turkish Riviera in a traditional gulet?  We can make it happen, guiding you every step of the way.  If you’re not sure exactly what you’d like to see and do while in Turkey, our staff will craft an exciting itinerary for you based on your general interests and inclinations.  From your first email contact with us until we wish you a safe journey back home at the airport, our mission is to accompany you on your dream vacation through Turkey.

We specialize in private, customized tours, creating tailor-made itineraries for our guests.  We will respond to your initial inquiry as soon as we receive it, and will be in constant touch with you as we organize your holiday, always attentive to your expectations and needs.  We pride ourselves on showing each of our guests the real Turkey, providing authentic insights into Turkish culture, history, and the lives of the Turkish people.  Our trips are always filled with unforgettable moments, little surprises, and local touches.  While you’re here, we will attend to every detail of your journey, providing warm, friendly, and professional service throughout.  Perhaps most importantly, at Private Tours Turkey we simply love to show the many beauties of our culture and country to guests from near and far.  Our behind-the-scenes staff will make your trip effortless, and the enthusiasm of our guides is simply contagious.

We are a wholly Turkish-owned and –operated company, staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, and professional guides fluent in English. With more than 15 years of collective experience, Private Tours Turkey enjoys an extensive local network of insiders and experts in every region, and we continually travel throughout Turkey ourselves to make sure that we always know the best places to stay, to eat, and to visit, down to the last detail.  We value tremendously the excellent relationships we have built with hotels, transport companies, guides, and other suppliers throughout the country, and we guarantee that our guests will enjoy the highest quality travel services at the best value.  Private Tours Turkey is a member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), and each of our guides is fully licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

We would be delighted to welcome you to Turkey and guide you through your special holiday.  Please contact us now to take the first step in your Turkish adventure!


Mutlu Deveci

Mutlu Deveci

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Professor Russell Strong - Princess Alexandra Hospital | February 2013

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing a brief note to applaud Mutlu Deveci who was our tour guide in Turkey in February 2013.  He was the prime reason for what was a most memorable and inspiring tour.  His knowledge and explanations were truly above anything that was expected and the group of Australians and Canadians were overwhelmed with his dedication and inspiration.
Professor Russell Strong
Brisbane, Australia
Professor Anne E. Monius - Harvard University | February 10, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

I write this letter in enthusiastic endorsement of Mutlu Deveci’s skills as a professional guide and tour operator. I had the pleasure of traveling through Turkey for two weeks with Mutlu in August 2010. This was my first trip to Turkey, and—largely thanks to Mutlu’s expert guidance—I eagerly look forward to my next visit to that fascinating country.

Right from the start, Mutlu shone for his profound knowledge of Turkish history, culture, and politics, no less for his formidable energy and organizational abilities. We were a diverse group ranging widely in age, profession, and interest, and Mutlu masterfully made us all feel immediately at home in Turkey. He was absolutely professional throughout, as well as unfailingly kind, friendly, patient, and generous with his time and expertise. Whether organizing an array of afternoon expeditions in light of our group’s wide variety of interests, guiding us through the stunning scenery of Cappadocia or Ephesus, thrashing us at backgammon or complex Turkish card games, or welcoming us all into his family summer home, Mutlu quickly became friend as well as guide.

I have traveled widely throughout the world, and Turkey immediately struck me as a place where the short-term, first-time visitor might easily encounter any range of difficulties. Mutlu went out of his way to ensure that we were treated fairly by everyone. If there were any problems with transportation, lodging, or other arrangements, we certainly never learned of them. We were simply free to enjoy thoroughly each and every day, greatly enhanced by Mutlu’s guidance and expertise.

Mutlu Deveci is, in short, an excellent guide and tour operator, and I recommend him to you with enthusiasm.


Anne E. Monius, Professor of South Asian Religions - Harvard University

Randal Dennins - CLAYTON UTZ | September/October 2012

To whom it may concern

This is to confirm I had the pleasure of being involved in small person guided tour of Turkey in September/October 2012 under the gentle direction of Mutlu Deveci.

Nothing was too much problem for Mutlu – he regularly “improvised” to ensure that our party of 4 received maximum benefit for their time in various places that we visited having regard to our specific interests.

Mutlu took the time upfront to gain a clear understanding of the things that were of interet to us and our goals and objectives for our tour. He then made a number of very helpful suggestions to adjust the itinerary we had settled before leaving Australia and thereafter ceased every oppurtunity that presented itself to maximize our enjoyment on our travels.

Mutlu often said that “everybody knows Mutlu and everthing is possible in Turkey”. He certainly seemed to have the ability to maket his come true during our holidayand he had a wide range of contacts that he regularly engaged with a view to ensuring that our trip was smooth and trouble free. I am happy for Mutlu to pass this commendation onto others and would have no hesitation im traveling with him again I seek to visit Turkey.

Kind Regards,

Randal Dennins

Jennifer & Adrian | October 2011

Dear Mutlu

Thank you so much for a fabulous holiday. We realy appreciated your care and attention. You made our holiday easy and enjoyable and we know this is from your effort.

Thanks and good luck !

Jennifer & Adrian 

Tricia Plummer | May 2011

Mutlu Deveci,

Words can not express the gratitude that I feel for the ''totaly awesome'' job you did on this tour. Thank you for your patience, professionalism & hospitality.

Although this trip may have been challenging at times, you handled yourself extremely well. I will always have fond memories of the adventures we shared on this trip. Keep strıving for excellence & knowledge.

Good luck !

Tricia Plummer

Richard | 2011

Mutlu, You are a great guy and you have been a terrific leader. We wish you the best in your business and much happiness in your marriage. 

Micheal Parrot | May-2011

Dear Mutlu, You are a great ambassador for your country. We wish you much lucky in your growing business. We know you will be a HUGE success.

Shannon A | October-2011

Dear Mutlu, Thanks for a fantastic trip. All the best in your future enterprise

Lynden S. | May-2014

The guide, Caner Oztekin, was heartwarmingly proud of his country and very eager to share his knowledge and experience with the group. 

He was terrific as a guide and showed the many skills necessary to assist a group to cohere as a happy and enthusiastic group of people. Caner was also sensitive to the needs of individuals amongst the group and always showed respectful support. He was always very organised with each transition point of travel occurring without a hitch. Caner seemed to be able to predict many of the joint needs of the group and seamlessly address these. For example, he would always inform us about plans well in advance so that we felt comfortable with the timetabling and organising our luggage etc. He was very positive in his outlook and nonjudgmental of others. This helped in group cohesion. He was open to feedback from members of the group and always listened to our ideas and comments. I always felt completely safe and supported. 

Caner Oztekin was a wonderful guide. He played a crucial role in my tremendous enjoyment of the trip. It was an experience I will never forget. Caner was a great ambassador for his country and an intelligent and passionate guide. 

Cristine R. | September-2014

Caner was simply amazing! I cannot imagine a better tour guide for this trip.

First, I liked that he was from Turkey because he was incredibly knowledgable about Turkey and I really felt the pride that he had in his country. It made the trip that much more culturally immersive. Second, he was incredibly thoughtful and went above an beyond on a daily basis. Most of the nights my sister went home early after dinner and he always walked her back to the hotel and then rejoined the group so she didnt have to feel worried about getting lost or feeling unsafe. Third, he was incredibly organized and I felt like every single detail was being taken care of for us without having to worry even for a second. It was incredibly freeing feeling confident in his ability to manage the logistics of the trip. Fourth, he was very likable. He is sweet, funny, intelligent and made everyone feel very welcome and comfortable.

Lastly, I cannot say how grateful I am to him for how he handled my injury. On the second day of the trip I broke my foot in a freak accident at the Aya Sophia. He took me to a local clinic and when they couldnt help me he took me on a ferry to the closest Emergeny Room. He waited with me and helped me convey what happened to the medical staff which was invaluable because there is no way I could have gotten the care I needed without his help translating. He made sure I got everything I needed including the proper paperwork I needed for my travel insurance as well as the soft walking cast and crutches (which needed to be purchased at a separate medical supply store. He made a few special travel arrangements so that I was comfortable while traveling to each destination such as private van one day (as opposed to public transport) because the first few days after the injury it was really important to keep my foot elevated. He made sure I was happy and set up before the group would leave on the hikes and biking trips that I could not participate in.

Honestly, if he was not my guide I do not think that I would have stayed on the trip and I would have left early which would have been incredibly sad. I probably would have left feeling upset and I might have even had a bad opinion of Private Tours Turkey even though it would have been unjustified to blame any of it on Private Tours Turkey --but instead I stayed on the trip and can now tell people that I had an amazing time on an "active" trip even though I broke my foot the 2nd day! What an an amazing testament to the itinerary, Turkey and Caner! I have been back for 2 days and already I've been telling everyone I know to go on this trip. Caner is an incredible person and guide and Private Tours Turkey is an amazing tour company. Thank you so much.

Miro's Family-Solenia | 01.01.2015

Dear Sanem,

Our time to discover Istanbul is over, we’re back at home, where is snow and -18 degrees.

Needless to say that we’re extremely grateful to you for an excellent introduction of the city and especially for showing us allthe hidden places that completely charmed us. 

We are sure that with your kind of approach to work the universe lies before you. Have a smashing time and keep enjoying your job. Happy 2015!

Miro and the girls

Wanda & Alan | 11.08.2014

Dear Sanem,

Today's tour is just fantastic ! We appreciate  very much your excellent guiding which delighted and also sweetened our hearts . In addition , the underwater  system is breathtaking .  There are too many things to see and learn, our two-days-stay in Istanbul becomes obsoletely only a start for our dream to  explore the extraordinary history and culture of your beautiful country .

Thanks again for your great help YA and we wish you have continuing wonderful life and work in this amazing city of Istanbul YA!


Doug N.- Wisconsin | 10.04.2014

Hello Sanem,

I wanted to say thank you very much for a very enjoyable day that you provided for Mary and me earlier today.
The weather was not quite what we could hope for, however your knowledge, professionalism, and smiles made the day EXCELLENT!
We hope that you will keep in touch with us and consider that you have 2 new friends from Green Bay, Wisconsin

Prof. Dr. Riza Atiq Abdullah | December 2014

Dear Sarkan,

First of all my family and I must say thank you very much to you for your hospitality and undivided attention to us during our stay in Turkey from 18 to 27 December 2014.

Our visits to Bursa, Canakale, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Pamukale, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara and Istanbul were very interesting and informative because your deep knowledge on every historical place and local custom. For example your knowledge and the way you convey the facts about Trojan and Gallipoli while we were in Canakale has made the visit so interesting and memorable. In Bursa, your story about the Ottoman Empire has given us a new horizon about the empire.

In Kusadasi and Ephasus, your ability to give detail story about Mary and early days of Christianity has given us a new insight about Jesus, Mary and St Paul as well as the ancient cities of Ephasus and Hierapolis. In Konya and Cappadocia you have enrich us with knowledge and experience on spiritual life of some Turkish people in Mevlana Museum and early days of trade activities in Caravanseray.  The visit to Kaymakli Underground City, Goreme and Uchisar Castle also very interesting experience because your ability to give a complete picture of the ancient living in those areas.

The visit to Ataturk Mausoleum was another great experience. Your narration in addition to the illustration in the mausoleum has given us a deep insight to the Turkey modern history. Finally in Istanbul, visit to Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Spice market and Grand Bazaar as well as Bosphorus Cruise were excellences for us.

Once again, thank you very much for a great time with us.

Best regards,

Riza Atiq Abdullah bin O.K. Rahmat,