• Blue Paradise

    Duration : 7 Nights

    This leisurely cruise from Fethiye to Marmaris, and back, will introduce you to the delightful bays and sheltered coves that can be found along the coast.  Fethiye is the centre of adventure activities such as paragliding, jeep safaris, trekking, and rafting. The vibrant town with its old centre and up market shops is worthy of a short stay. Above the town are  ancient Lycian  rock tombs, whilst in the hills above the town lies the v abandoned village of Kayakoy, the "Ghost Village".

    Day 1 :

    The Turkey Tourkey  representative will greet you between 3:30-4pm at the quayside and accompany you onto your gulet. Over a welcoming drink  the crew will inform you about the cruise programme and the safety procedures whilst you are onboard the gulet.The first dinner and overnight stay will be whilst moored at Fethiye Harbour. After dinner you have the opportunity to explore Fethiye by night.

    *According to your preference, you may anchor overnight in a nearby bay, as opposed to staying in the port. 

    Day 2 :

    After breakfast we set sail across Fethiye Gulf to the Bay of Göcek with its  famous Twelve Islands. We will anchore in Yassıca Group Islands for lunch and a swim and then we on to picturesque Rahmi Bay where we weigh anchor  for the night. It was here that  the famous artist Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu painted his distinctive "fish on a rock" while he, along his writer brother and friends, pioneered the Blue Cruise over 50 years ago.

    Day 3 :

    After a leisurely breakfast, we move on to the small bay named Cleopatra Bay after the Egyptian Queen. Although a dubious legend, the ruins of Roman era baths can be seen in the shallow waters. After lunch there move to Ağa Bay where we can explore the ruins of an amphitheatre amongst the trees. We anchor overnight in the bay and dine on deck.

    Day 4 :

    Before any passenger stirs , the gulet slips her moorings and sals for Ekincik Bay, where you will have breakfast. From here you may take the optional riverboat tour into Dalyan. Dalyan’s delta of reed beds is famous for mud baths, blue crabs, the ancient city and rock tombs of Caunos and the long sandy İztuzu Beach where the Loggerhead Turtles,Caretta caretta, nest.  Dinner will  be served in the bay after which we sail onto the beautiful Kadırga Bay.

    Day 5 :

    After an early breakfast, the gulet sails into the port  of Marmaris, where some passengers, taking a shorter cruise, will disembark before 10.00am.  You will have the opportunity to step ashore and explore the town until 1.00pm. You can visit the busy bazaar and shops of Marmaris, the old quarter around the Castle and the Museum.  After lunch you will cruise to Kumlubükü Bay where you will have the opportunity to swim before dinner. We anchor in the bay overnight.

    Day 6 :

    The yacht sails early for Göbün Bay where we eat breakfast. We then cruise around the cape into the turquoise blue waters of the Bay of Göcek with its famous Twelve Islands, where we will stop for a swimming, lunch and, later, afternoon tea. İIn the early evening we will arrive at the ancient Roman and Ottoman Tersane Adası, Shipyard Island, where you will have dinner and anchore overnight.

    Day 7 :

    After a lazy breakfast the gulet continues past islands of the Bay of Göcek, stopping in Blue Bay, Mavi Köy, for a swimming, snorkeling and lunch. Later the yacht will anchor at Turunç Pınarı Bay for a leisurely final dinner and overnight stay.

    Day 8 :

    After breakfast we set sail for Fethiye Harbour where it will be time to say farewell to your shipmates and crew of the gulet.

    ***Itineraries are subject to local weather conditions and may, for the safety of the passengers and boat, be changed at short notice by the captain, whose decision in such matters is final. The passenger’s personal interests may be discussed and included in the itinerary if possible.