• Ephesus Tour

    The tour begins at the House of the Virgin Mary. From there we visit the acient city with its great theater, the Library of Celcus, the Sacred Way and its Temples. After the tour we return to your hotel.

  • Pamukkale Tour

    We drive to Pamukkale and visit the Travertines, the pools formed by the calcified waters. We also visit Hierapolis with its thermal baths, Grand Theater, Necropolis and Museum. After the tour you are tranferred to your hotel. 

  • Pergamun & Asklepion

    We drive to Pergamum and visit the Acropolis, the Temple of Trojan, the Theater and the Temple of Diyonusus. We also visit also the ancient Roman Medical center, Asklepion, home of the physician, Galen.  

  • Priene Miletos Didyma

    The morning drive to Priene brings us to the Acroplis. We then continue on to Miletus with its  Grand Theater and Baths. We then visit Apollo's Temple in Didyma with its Medusas Head.  After the tour we return to your hotel. 

  • Jewish Sites & Sardis

    We drive to Sardis to visit the Marble Synagogue, dating from the Roman era and we also visit the magnificent Gymnasium of the ancient city. After the tour we return to Izmir.